A great Wisconsin vacation spot with an on-site bar and restaurant.

We’re always welcoming new and old friends.

Meet Jar and Lori Welter, celebrating more than 20 years of ownership.

Welcome to the 4 Seasons Resort, family-owned since 1998 and nestled on the shores of Nelson Lake in Hayward, Wisconsin.

Our family grew up here, our kids worked with us at the resort and we’ve all made life-long friends with guests. As a favorite destination for local guests as well as vacationers, we are always welcoming new and old friends.

And since it is our home, we want to make sure you feel right at home too. With an on-site restaurant and bar with game room, motel and cabins, and well-maintained grounds and shoreline, there is something for everyone.

So kick back and settle in, the lake is calling.

4 Seasons Resort is located in beautiful Hayward, Wisconsin


15925 W 4 Seasons Road
Hayward, WI 54843